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The People

One of the most overlooked issues many businesses face stems from the mismanagement of their main resource- personnel. The people you employ represent your business, and as such posses the power to greatly impact both success and failure. A solid reputation can be shattered in an instant at the will of an employee who feels they aren't treated well. A manager who uses ineffective tactics with their subordinates will never motivate them to perform to their full potential.

ClearVantage will provide an objective insight to daily processes that will help your people thrive. Executing their tasks efficiently will result in your business flourishing.


Start Up

Many people start with a wonderful service or product idea but do not know the steps to bring their idea to market. If they manage to get through the basic steps, their execution is rudimentary and they've spent so much time trying to figure out the behind the scenes processes, that they can't focus on the idea they're passionate about.

Don't get stuck before you even get started.


Program and Project management

Growth is wonderful but it can also present businesses with a new set of challenges. While daunting, these new demands do not have to cause a major ripple in day to day processes.

  • A large program can consist of any number of projects. Performing these projects in the most efficient manner while also maintaining the preset budget requires in depth study, careful planning, and the charting of strategic metrics during completion.

  • Individual projects must also be skillfully managed to ensure the timeline of the program is not hindered in any way. Technical expertise and the ability to coordinate with other project managers as well as the program manager is critical in ensuring timely completion of projects.

ClearVantage has solutions for any phase of a program or project. An objective view of the program in its entirety will help ensure the projects needed for completion will be methodically carried out.



marketing and sales

A business cannot develop without customers, yet many do not know there is a need to formulate a specific plan of attack for their marketing and sales approach. Maintain and grow your market share by strategically expanding your reach. 

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