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Manage or Lead?

A key component in employee productivity relates to the people who are in charge of them. Becoming a manager is a common career path goal, but achieving the title does not guarantee inherent knowledge on developing a positive atmosphere for their team. Reinforcing a leadership mentality at all levels greatly impacts morale and performance.

You need managers in title, but you want them to be leaders!

  • A manager makes demands, a leader will be open to discussing solutions to a problem

  • Management attends meetings, but lacks functional knowledge. Leaders collaborate directly with the workforce to adequately represent them

  • Managers have a style and expect their team to conform. A Leader knows that individuals are motivated differently and strives to match each where they are.

  • Managers do things right; Leaders do the right thing


ClearVantage has solutions to prevent managers from ruining your workforce.


Human Interaction

The importance of personnel within an organization cannot be emphasized enough. Like cogs in a well oiled machine, your people are what keep things moving.  



What motivates you? Is it the satisfaction of a job well done? The paycheck that comes at the end? Acknowledgement of your contribution to the team?

These questions are fundamental in discovering how to best motivate your team. A business knows their function and the desired end result but what gets lost in the shuffle is the possibility of different ways to reach the solution. Some people will produce great results working independently while others need a team to bounce ideas off of.

Whether you have 1 employee, or 1000, it is imperative to your success to determine how they are motivated.


Let ClearVantage provide valuable insight about your workforce.

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